Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Clayton College of Natural Health

I was a student there.

Well, I can't really say that I was a student 'there,' because 'there' doesn't exist. Was there ever a 'there'? I took some courses towards an MSNH (that's a Master of Science in Natural Health for the uninitiated) and I was getting ready to log on to the site this morning to pay my monthly $147.50 installment when . . . Nothing.

The college website was gone. There was a 'Clayton College Information Clearinghouse' in its place(WTF?!), that didn't really succeed in clearing any information. I decided to do a Google Search and typed in 'Clayton College of Natural Health,' and a little more information was provided, albeit not much more. Apparently the school has closed down with no explanation whatsoever and the students who have enrolled are not going to get their money back. Some articles vaguely mention that the reason for the closure is 'tough economic times' (which, in my opinion, is total bullshit. Some people may have fallen on 'tough economic times,' but CCNH has over 3000 students and is easily making millions. It could simply be bad management, but this doesn't make sense either - after 30 years of existence, they simply shut down for economic reasons? Something in the mild ain't right!)

Anyway, I could easily be angry (and I would be if I had invested more time and money given the courses don't count towards anything anywhere outside CCNH. I've only taken 2 courses) but part of me has been launched into a bizarre mix of joy and confusion. Joy because this closure, in a way, solves a problem. I signed up for two courses at AAU and was wondering how I was going to do both AAU and CCNH and manage my yoga studio . . . well that problem has been solved! But then the yogini in me really wanted to learn more about holistic health and nutrition to take better care of me and my family.

My husband makes a good point and says I can still read a lot (like I've always done) and that wouldn't be much different from what I was doing at CCNH anyway (which is true). My yoga school is opening up in September anyway and I've been very well trained and have been practicing yoga for nearly 16 years . . . do I really need some mysterious diploma from some weird unknown non-accredited school in the deep American south?

So, I've decided that this is a blessing. So, now I'm back to art and yoga. It's amazing how some of our dilemmas are so simply solved by mysterious events.

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