Monday, November 16, 2009

An Artistic Holiday

I am beat. Beat, beat, beat. Usually around this time (week 11 of the 15 week AAU semester) I am spent; emotionally, physically, psychologically. I love what I'm studying and I look forward to my career in art, but it is in moments like these that I really see the value in diversifying. Artists must diversify or they'll burn themselves out!

My first experience with the need to diversify was when I was studying dance in NYC. What a time! I love to dance. Dancing feeds me . . . but the valuable thing I learned is that it feeds me if I nourish it. And how did I nourish it at the time? Through drawing and painting and yoga.

I made my life choice to draw and paint, but I'm really starting to see that just because I made a choice to earn my life drawing and painting does not mean that I have to drop the other items that feed me and my artistic self and thus my art.

For example, the expressiveness I'm developing in my paintings is directly linked to my expressiveness as a dancer. I MUST express myself as a dancer in order to figure out what I have to say as a painter and vice versa. And yoga gives me a deeper, spiritual connection to everything I do . . .

I saw a video of James Jean on YouTube where he was playing a jazz piece on his trumpet and he was incredible! That's what I'm talking about.

Or look at Madonna. After an album and a world tour, she's continuing to write children's books, direct movies, sell a screenplay, build a school in Malawi . . .

Diversify people! It really nourishes the soul and keeps us in the game for the long haul.

So, during this difficult time when I'm feeling exhausted and struggling to make it to the finish line, I'm feeling the need to dance and delve deeper into my yoga practice; to reach in and discover other areas of my artistic self for inspiration and stamina.

Stay tuned for some of this semester's work . . .

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