Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peacock Dancer

I was reading this month's issue of Juxtapoz (which came out, like, two months ago) and came across an article on Natalia Fabia. I became familiar with her work about a year ago but, seeing it again, I was struck a little stronger than I was the first time.

She must be painting a lot because she's really improving.

The last time I saw her work I definitely saw potential, but nothing really stood out to me so I just thought 'oh, interesting' and forgot about her. But then I saw Peacock Dancer and now I'm addicted and excited for her future.

Look at this painting!

There's this strange mix of classical painting elements with raunchy subject matter. I admire the juxtoposition. The painting has a Rembrandt quality to it, but the subject couldn't be more . . . non-classical. She has a very open fascination with hookers. This painting has so much personality. It is the embodiment of a world that may or may not exist. It is a fantastical piece that pulls you in and makes you wonder about the subject. Her pose is interesting. It's so glamourous. Where is she? What does she do? The decor gives so much insight into the subject and location. I'm very curious about her and her world.

And Fabia's technique is amazing. Her creative use of light, choosing coloured lights to make interesting lighting effects, the colours (LOVE the glitter), composition, texture . . . I was looking at some of her older work on her site and this painting makes those look really bad. With work like Peacock Dancer, Pool Party and Leopard Sky she should take that other shit off.

Peacock Dancer
Oil and Glitter on Panel
24" x 36"

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