Sunday, August 9, 2009

Making that Connection with Michael Jackson

"I hate to take credit for the songs I've written. I feel that somewhere, someplace, it's been done, and I'm just a courier bringing it into the world. I really believe that. I love what I do."
(Quotation taken from People Magazine's tribute issue to Michael Jackson)

Up until now I haven't written an article about Michael Jackson. I can't really say his untimely death is a surprise because, for the last 20 years, he has been under such an extraordinarily high level of stress that only someone of superhuman ability would have been able to withstand it's debilitating power.

I enjoy his earlier solo music. Even though I was a toddler when Thriller was released, I can remember it's power; he had found Genius (for more on Genius, please refer to this). Whenever Michael discussed his greatness, he was always quick to say that it wasn't him being great, but some higher 'thing' that spoke through him. This single, simple and humble acknowledgement is what made me respect Michael as an inspiring artist. I've written many time about the need for us to get out of our own way in order to 'Catch the Big Fish' and I feel even further inspired when accomplished commercial artists confirm that only through quietening their spirit and remaining humble were they able to connect to their Greatest Self.

I believe that Michael had formed an intimate relationship with Genius, but they broke up in the late '80s. Prior to the release of Bad, I really felt and understood his music. When I listened to Thriller, Rock With You or Wanna Be Startin' Something (just to name a few), not only did I get the uncontrollable urge to dance, but the magic of everything coming together in a way that only Genius can make happen and FEELING Michael's connection as he transported me through the higher realms of creativity, lifted my spirit in such a way that no other artist has been able to do. It wasn't Michael who was the Force or the 'genius,' and it wasn't Michael who was 'Great;' he was just sensitive enough to be Her messenger and he had the resources to tell us what She had to say. THAT is what a great artist does. A great artist comes along, totally connected, and inspires us with the Force that speaks through him, lifting us up.

In the late '80s, I believe Michael started to believe that he was Genius. He started to confuse his Inspiration with his ego and this had detrimental effects on both his career and his personal life. The images of crying fans fainting and causing riots, and the pandemonium and chaos that he encouraged testifies to this. It was as though he wanted to prove that he had conquered something, when in reality he hadn't conquered anything, he had simply lost his Genius and felt scared and confused.

Anyway, this is what happens when I go to my parents' house. I read People Magazine and talk about Michael Jackson. HA!

He was cute back in the day.

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