Monday, May 4, 2009

James Gurney + Audiobooks

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through James Gurney's Dinotopia website and found some interesting information in his biography section (go here to read it. I love artist biographies. Sometimes I read an artist's biography before even looking at their art work. You get some great pieces of background information and may even be able to figure out what their artwork might look like before looking at it. It's fun). Here, he mentions that he works about five or six times per week, from around 8:30am-5:30pm. While he works, he listens to classical music or books on tape.

I had a Eureka! moment when he mentions 'books on tape.' I love to read and I read a lot. What better way to get some of that 'reading' in than with audiobooks?! I then downloaded some books regarding nurturing creativity and 'becoming unstuck' - my 3 favourites at the moment are:

Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch
Getting Unstuck by Pema Ch0dron
Walking in this World by Julia Cameron

They are very inspiring and great 'reads' while making your art. Over the next few weeks I will review each one.

By the way, I highly recommend checking out James Gurney's blog. His passion, creativity, commitment and consistency are inspiring. A must read for artists and art lovers.

Below is a picture taken from his website. It's called 'Norchia' and appeared in National Geographic (a once regular client of his, not sure if it still is) in June 1988.

And here is a sample page from his Dinotopia work. Dinotopia is his creation of a fantasy world where dinosaurs and humans live happily together. I haven't read the actual stories (also written by Gurney), but the artwork is breathtaking. I visit the site often just to admire the work.

I'm particularly fond of his attention to detail.

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