Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad Teaching

How are you supposed to 'get' something if it's never been taught to you?

You could teach yourself. Or you can take a class. I decided to take a class. Unfortunately, in this class they expect you to know the things they're supposed to teach, so they're not actually teaching you anything.

Know what I mean?

This is my first semester at AAU, and one of my classes is not being taught well. At first it was filled with very clear concepts and ways to go about 'drawing from your imagination' by using the classic principles of perspective drawing. But now I feel that it's really beyond my current skills. The things I wanted to learn aren't being taught at all! Yet, we're supposed to be able to complete assignments on these very things.

If there had been a long list of prerequisites for the class, I'd understand, but there are none.

For example, we were told to draw a few heads in perspective, but - while we were taught the principles of perspective - we were not taught how to construct heads. So, my perspective was fine, but my heads were off. I'm fine when it comes to figurative art, particularly life drawing, but this was completely new. And the teaching was incomplete.

This makes this class frustrating. My fiance keeps reminding me that this is all about learning and while I may be suffering right now, it just shows me that I have a lot to learn and just be open and positive and see it as a learning opportunity. He's totally right, but it sucks when your teacher sucks and the lessons don't teach you anything. I really want to learn.

Anyway, I've posted a happy pic by one of my favourite illustrators - Catalina Estrada. More progress reports coming soon.

I just wanted to add that my other classes are going well and my teachers are both inspiring and amazing.

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