Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working and Improving

I decided not to enter the International Mother Language Day competition, mainly because the more I looked at the winning posters from past, the more I realized that it was more of a competition in Graphic Design than Illustration. That did not, however, stop me from coming up with a little something. Since the occasion for the competition was bringing awareness to mother languages - many of which are becoming extinct - I decided to create an illustration showing the value of language and communication. I really wanted to put an emphasis on the joy, love and happiness that comes when people understand each other.

The image is of two well rooted trees communicating, and flourishing as a result of it. We see the heart in the centre, signifying their mutual love and understanding. We see the power of their words rising up towards the sun, further nourishing their growth and flowering. I particularly like the colours I chose - bright colours are always happy and uplifting to look at. Green is usually used for plants and vegetation and nice green flowering plants are a great sign of health and nourishment. Also, notice how the characters are looking up to witness the effects of their communication and understanding. It was interesting and fun trying to figure out how to visually communicate the idea of language and communication as well as the effect of both on our relationship with humanity.

Anyway, upon completion of this illustration, I decided that I would like to work on improving two things:

1) The sharpness of my painting technique (crisper lines, etc). I think that'll come with practice.

2) Taking good photos of my artwork. I had to try about a dozen times to get the pics below and I still don't feel they reflect the beauty of the illustration in real life.

Anyway, I posted two versions below. One is the original painting (looking not as bright as in real life). The second is me playing around in Photoshop. Seb thinks it's too bright, but I kinda like it.

UPDATE: I had posted two versions below, but decided to take the yellow stars out of the heart. It was a bit overkill. I find the illustration below a bit more sophisticated. I deleted the photoshopped version - the more I looked at it, the more I was reminded of a dry desert. I comtemplated putting grass on the ground, but I think that would make it look too crowded.

Here's the final version:

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