Thursday, January 8, 2009

Possible Change of Plans

As it turns out I may not be getting a BFA from the Academy of Art University. After speaking to my advisor, it has been decided that I should do an MFA instead. I managed to get 15 drawings that I've done over the years and sent them in, along with my university transcripts, resume and statement of intent. Apparently you don't have to have a BFA to do an MFA, and you can have an undergraduate degree in anything (mine is in International Relations). They are evaluating my portfolio right now (as I write!) and will get back to me to let me know if their program is right for me and what courses I should take.

I will let you know the outcome when I know. I'm very excited!

PS - The above image is an image I did when I was 18 (I think. Could be 19). I found it at my parents' house over the holidays.

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